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Products by Local Artists:

Jonathan Crosby - Fine Art Photography:Jonathan Crosby is an award winning landscape photographer originally from Oregon. His adventures have taken him up and down the west coast, over to the east and as far overseas as Cambodia. Now he currently lives at the Grand Canyon South Rim, and has spent many seasons photographing the Grand Canyon, and surrounding area

Darwin Denetclaw - Handcrafted Flutes: These handmade flutes were created by Native American artist Darwin Denetclaw. He is part of the Big Water Clan, born for the Red House People Clan. His maternal grandfather is of the Red Bottom Feet People Clan and his paternal grandfather is of the Salt People Clan. He was raised on the Navajo reservation in Arizona and currently lives in Tuba City, Arizona. All flutes and reeds shown are handcrafted from scratch. Each is a one-of-a-kind treasure and varies in style. The flutes are designed to be played and signed by the artist on the bottom.

native american flutes

Dunn Knives - Handcrafted knives by Steve and Tess Greene: Dunn Knives are hand crafted by Steve and Tess Greene. They are made with the highest quality S30V; a high carbon, high-vanadium, stainless tool steel and made in America. The knives are designed with a 20 degree cutting edge and sharp enough to field dress and skin 6-10 deer or fillet 100s of pan-fish without re-sharpening. The knives are a solid piece of steel all the way through the handle, and are made to be precision cutting instruments and not to be mistaken for or used as a pry bar, screw driver or bottle opener.

Dunn Knives

Native American Jewelry: Slab and shell jewelry by Santo Domingo artist Sheldon Crespin. Sheldon Crespin is from Santo Domingo Pueblo, which is located in Sandoval County, New Mexico, south of Santa Fe. Santo Domingo jewelry is known for its flat circular beads called heishi, or shell. Their jewelry is also known for the use of slab polished stone and minimal use of metal in order for the stones to stand out.

native american jewelry